Sunday, May 15, 2005

Flushing the Koran?

Lots is going to be said in the next few days about Newsweek correction of their earlier story about personnel at Guantanamo Bay desecration the Koran by flushing pages down the toilet, and the "resulting" protests, during which many people have been killed or injured. The correction? The "desecration" may never have happened. Expect to hear lots of criticism and condemnation aimed at Newsweek, and with good cause.


Newsweek didn't kill or injure anyone. Each and every injury or death was cause by actual people who made the decision to take these actions. The blood is on their hands. There is only one right answer to question "When is it right to attack, injure or kill someone based on reports of them or someone they are connected with doing something that insults my religion or culture?", and that answer is "Never." Someone has to say it, and I'm saying it here. Disagreeing with or being insulted by what someone else says about your culture, religion or anything else, never excuses your bad acts. Never.


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