Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why did I do it?

Do I have too much spare time on my hands? Probably, though it seldom feels that way. I read the usual selection of news sites and political blogs every day, which chews up a great deal of time as it is - why do I want to spend even more time posting my thoughts on their thoughts, when I should probably be at the gym, or talking to live human beings somewhere, or reading a good book or something? It's not like there's much chance anything I say will change the world - I named my site redundapundit for a reason. Opinions are everywhere these days. Why add my energy to the churning maelstrom? Heck, I may talk myself out of this effort while writing this very entry. I guess I hope that something socratic will happen, or is that platonic, or pythagorean, whichever, and your comments, should there be any, will force me to correct my thinking, or something like that anyway. In other words, that by putting my opinions out there for public review will make them better. We'll see.

My first mistake!

Yeah, like alot of you, I started a blog. You just read my first comment. How am I doing so far?